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Welcome to my Referata-Page! I am an administrator and bureaucrat here on this site. Visite my Wikis:

You can find my user page at the German Wikipedia (NOT ON THE ENGLISH ONE, THATS NOT ME!!!), at MediaWiki or at the wikis

Problems or need help?[edit]

See Help:Contents for any basic instructions you need. If you have technical, financial or other basic questions, you may contact the site owner (User:Yaron Koren) via his user-talk page. If you notice a spammer, vandalism or if you want a page to be deleted, you can ask me. Please note that I do not have any decision rights belonging suggestions, prices etc., this is Yaron's occupation.

Noticed a spammer and want to allert me? No problem... Just email me and I will attend your problem immediatelly. Thank you for your help!

Suggestions for this Site?[edit]

Is there anything you would like to have as a feature, wether via software extension or variable setting? Here is the right place to ask for it. Please have understanding if it might take a little while until there will be a reply. Do not ask anything already posted before or listed here and please to not post on my or Yaron's talk page for that.