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<div style="background: #ffbb44; padding: 5px 10px 5px 10px; font-size: larger; font-weight: bold;">Featured sites</div>
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'''[ Who Comments?]''' - a biographical database of opinion journalism in the United Kingdom
'''[ Food Finds]''', "the wiki of good eats" - recommended eating establishments around the world
'''[ Dati e gestione dell'acqua in Italia]''' - an "open organization a directory of knowledge"water-management companies in Italy (in Italian)
A semantic wiki on Referata can be used by both individuals and organizations, for many different purposes:
* '''Project management''' - a Referata wiki can be used to organize information about projects, including staffing, milestones, deliverables and progress. This includes the use of [ Semantic_Result_Formats/calendar_format calendars] and [ Semantic_Result_Formats/timeline_and_eventline_formats timelines] to store information about deadlines, meetings and the like.* '''Directories of all kinds''' - you can create a directory of anything from restaurants to books to business to people. [[Semantic Google Maps|Maps]] can be used to display locations around the world.
* '''Document management''' - a person or group can use a Referata wiki to store documents and associated "metadata" (author, topic, etc.) to make it easier to index and find them.
* '''Anything else''' - just about any kind of data that can be held in a database, or that you are used to sending out in Excel spreadsheets in your organization, could be easily stored in a Referata wiki.
* '''[[Creating a Referata site|Create a Referata site]]''' - it's free and easy.
* Browse the [[Referata:FAQ|FAQ]].
* Read more about the [[Referata:About|technology behind Referata]].
* Look at the '''[[Referata:Features|features available]]''' to Referata wikis across the free and paid service levels
Write to for all questions, comments and issues.</div>