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Welcome to <div style="float: right; vertical-align: top; margin-left: 20px; margin-bottom: 20px; background:#ffdd88; border: 1px solid #ffbb44; width: 250px;"> <div style="background: #ffbb44; padding: 5px 10px 5px 10px; font-size: larger; font-weight: bold;">Featured sites</div> <div style="padding: 10px;">'''[[Referatahttp:About|Referata// Who Comments?]], a site for community''' -created databases.a biographical database of opinion journalism in the United Kingdom
Referata offers free hosting of wikis using the [ MediaWiki] application, with some important extensions ([[Semantic MediaWiki]], [[Semantic Forms]], [[Semantic Drilldown]], [[Semantic Calendar]] and others) that allow a Referata site to hold not just text, but structured data, that can be displayed and browsed in structured ways. Combined with the collaborative abilities of a wiki, a site hosted on Referata can serve as a true user-powered database, with a minimal amount of setup work or technical knowledge.
Referata also provides two paid membership levels, "Premium" and "Enterprise", with additional features like being able to keep your wiki readable only by members, more file space and custom domains. See the '''[[Referatahttp:Features|Features]// Food Finds] page for prices and to see what's available for all three membership levels.'', "the wiki of good eats" - recommended eating establishments around the world
Although in theory you could create even a non-semantic wiki on Referata, it is recommended that this site be used only for semantic wikis. If you want to create a non-semantic wiki, there are many existing options you can use: see [ here] for one list.
==Creating a Referata site==Creating your own Referata site is a very simple process:* First you must '''[[Specialhttp:Userlogin|register on Referata]], including specifying an email address//acqua. This email address should be confirmed - you will get an email sent to that address, on which you must click the link in order to confirmreferata.* Once your email address is confirmed and you are logged com Dati e gestione dell'acqua in to Referata, click on "My sites" at the top.* Click on "Create a site".* Specify a name for your site, a subdomain (all Referata sites will have the URL "Italia]'''site-name''"), and user information for your account at that new site a directory of water-management companies in Italy (this can be different from your user account on Referatain Italian).* Once this is done, your Referata site will be created, and will be accessible to the world. You should now be able to log in to that site, and when you do, you should see two special links at the top, besides the usual ones: "Site settings" and "SMW panel". See the [[Help:Contents|help page]] for more on what you can do with these two pages.</div></div>
<div style==Testing==You can do all testing at the special "Scratchpadfont-size: x-large;" >'''Welcome to Referata, a site for wiki, at [http:databases.'''<//].div>
<div class==Contact=="important">'''Referata offers hosting of semantic wikis, allowing you to add, structure and store data so it can be managed, shared, browsed and analyzed in as many ways as you choose. ''' Combined with the collaborative abilities of a wiki, a site hosted on Referata can serve as a true user-powered database, with a minimal amount of setup work or technical knowledge. Referata wikis can be [[Referata:Features|public or private, open or closed]]. Public wikis can be set up and run at no charge. A semantic wiki on Referata can be used by both individuals and organizations, for many different purposes: * '''Project management''' - a Referata wiki can be used to organize information about projects, including staffing, milestones, deliverables and progress. This includes the use of [ calendars] and [ timelines] to store information about deadlines, meetings and the like.* '''Directories of all kinds''' - you can create a directory of anything from restaurants to books to business to people. [[Semantic Maps|Maps]] can be used to display locations around the world.* '''Document management''' - a person or group can use a Referata wiki to store documents and associated "metadata" (author, topic, etc.) to make it easier to index and find them.* '''Anything else''' - just about any kind of data that can be held in a database, or that you are used to sending out in Excel spreadsheets in your organization, could be easily stored in a Referata wiki. From this page, you can: * '''[[Creating a Referata site|Create a Referata site]]''' - it's free and easy.* Browse the [[Referata:FAQ|FAQ]].* Read more about the [[Referata:About|technology behind Referata]].* Look at the '''[[Referata:Features|features available]]''' to Referata wikis across the free and paid service levels* Test the capabilities of Referata on the [ scratchpad wiki]. Write to for all questions, comments and issues.</div> {{languages}}