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What is your timezone?

I'm in Brazil and need to know the times convenient for me communicate with you.

Answer me through my talk page please. Ha! See "notes for my work" at User:Alexandre. Utils categories...

Alexandre 19:51, February 2, 2011 (EST)

Read, pls

Sorry Mr. K., for my strong expression, shouldn't have been on your site. Of course, your service is not bad, but me (and some other users probably, too) are a bit irritated from your lag of replying and hope to read more of you in the future. I know that managing a site such as referata AND coding semantic extensions is a hard job, but there are lots of open requests where you have not even replied to. I hope you now understand what was going on, that had no bad meaning, not to you and not to wikiworks. --Dennis07 14:55, February 15, 2011 (EST)

Hi - I'm sorry about not responding to stuff; I do feel bad about it. In general, I haven't responded when I couldn't think of any specific thing to say about the question or request - but still, I should at least acknowledge that I read it. I'll try to do that more. Yaron Koren 16:29, February 15, 2011 (EST)
Thx ;) --Dennis07 21:39, February 18, 2011 (EST)

Question about loading speed of my site

Hello Mr. Koren, can you tell me why my site most times is loading and loading ut could not be accessed? This happens only with the mow-wiki not with my wiki-database or with the referata main site. I know that my site is one of the most visited (if not even the most visited) referata site, but is there a way to improve the loading speed of it? I thought this had been over since you booked new traffic space to your website, but as it seems, this is not over. My site only has got ~37K Pageviews per week, this should be no problem for a normal website. Other wiki farms do not have this problem but they have ads, thats why i have chosen referata. But it is the wrong decision while my site is unavailible for the users and for me. I hope you are able to solve it soon. Cheers; --Dennis07 06:15, February 21, 2011 (EST)

The number of page views doesn't affect it - that is, traffic affects all the wikis equally. It could have been slower because you have some images and widgets and such - although now it looks like the speed is fine; maybe it was just a temporary issue. Yaron Koren 15:06, February 21, 2011 (EST)
Yes, its temporary, but it seems to be nearly every day several times for some time... And widgets i have pugged in only one in each page, but thx. --Dennis07 12:32, February 22, 2011 (EST)

Problem with Time-Zone on all Sites

Hello Mr. Koren,
Since (I think it was near the time you...) ugraded MediaWiki to 1.16.1, there is a problem with the time zones:

Every Referata-Site is fixed on the time zone of your server, thats why it is allways called EST in signatures. Most sites, especially international ones run with GMT, not with any US-American time.

Also if the wiki user uses GMT+0 and the wiki admin defined an offset of 0 from the GMT, there is allways this EST in signatures. This is very misleading because the page history tells another story than the signature.

Could the be fixed, pls? ;)
--Dennis07 14:15, February 23, 2011 (EST)

Merge users please

Hello! Merge user "Alexandre" with user "Alexandre Magno" please. I am they. I want "Alexandre". Alexandre Magno 21:33, February 28, 2011 (EST)