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== Notes for my work ==
== Notes for my work ==
* [[:Category:Translations pending]]    '''''{{PAGESINCATEGORY:Translations pending}}''' pages''
* [[:Category:Translations pending]]    '''''{{ #ask: [[Category:Translations pending]] | format=count }}''' pages''
* [[:Category:Translations in progress]]    '''''{{PAGESINCATEGORY:Translations in progress}}''' pages''
* [[:Category:Translations in progress]]    '''''{{ #ask: [[Category:Translations in progress]] | format=count }}''' pages''
* [[:Category:Root without language template]]    '''''{{PAGESINCATEGORY:Root without language template}}''' pages''
* [[:Category:Root without language template]]    '''''{{ #ask: [[Category:Root without language template]] | format=count }}''' pages''
* [[:Category:Marked to elimination]]    '''''{{PAGESINCATEGORY:Marked to elimination}}''' pages''
* [[:Category:Marked to elimination]]    '''''{{ #ask: [[Category:Marked to elimination]] | format=count }}''' pages''

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I am the administrador of the wikipascom wiki site. I can be contacted at alexandre.mbm@gmail.com. Portuguese preferencially please.

I want Referata's basic documentation pages in portuguese.

Notes for my work

Language: English  • português do Brasil