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Referata lets you easily create a MediaWiki wiki with full usage of extensions including Semantic MediaWiki, Semantic Forms, Semantic Drilldown, Semantic Result Formats, Semantic Maps, Widgets, Replace Text, Data Transfer and others (see here for the complete list). There are four service levels for a site, with a varying amount of features for each: Basic, Premium, Ad-Supported and Enterprise. See below for the explanations.

Level Basic Premium Ad-Supported Enterprise
Cost Free $20 a month $50 a month $80 a month
Wiki pages Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
File storage 100 MB 1 GB 2 GB 10 GB
Site privacy Public Public or Private Public Public or Private
or any domain name
or any domain name
Appearance Logo upload, choice of skin Logo upload, choice of skin Logo and favicon upload, choice of skin Logo and favicon upload, ability to upload custom skin
Ads None None Allowed * Allowed *

* Ads are delivered by Google AdSense, with all revenues going to the wiki's owner

There are also unique features available to the administrator(s) of every Referata site:

  • web-based editing of wiki settings
  • easy site traffic monitoring, using Google Analytics - just set up a Google Analytics account for your site (a very simple process), then enter your new account number in the "site settings" page, and all pages on your site will be set up for Google Analytics measurement
  • automatic RDF export of all of a site's semantic data, refreshed nightly and placed in its /RDF directory
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