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Welcome to Referata, a site for wiki databases.

Referata offers hosting of semantic wikis, allowing you to add, structure and store data so it can be managed, shared, browsed and analyzed in as many ways as you choose.

Combined with the collaborative abilities of a wiki, a site hosted on Referata can serve as a true user-powered database, with a minimal amount of setup work or technical knowledge. Referata wikis can be public or private, open or closed. Public wikis can be set up and run at no charge.

A semantic wiki on Referata can be used by both individuals and organizations, for many different purposes:

  • Project management - a Referata wiki can be used to organize information about projects, including staffing, milestones, deliverables and progress. This includes the use of calendars to store information about deadlines, meetings and the like.
  • Directories of all kinds - you can create a directory of anything from restaurants to books to business to people. Maps can be used to display locations around the world.
  • Document management - a person or group can use a Referata wiki to store documents and associated "metadata" (author, topic, etc.) to make it easier to index and find them.
  • Anything else - just about any kind of data that can be held in a database, or that you are used to sending out in Excel spreadsheets in your organization, could be easily stored in a Referata wiki.

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